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Blog – About the Connection Between the Blogger And the Service

One of the main functions of the blog is the social control. This field obviously includes the blogger’s „residence”, the space which the supplier provides, which represent the actual society for the blogger. We can suspect, that the blog-service carries the features of the given society. We can be sure that it is true in the cases of the typical characteristics.

Further features, that in the blogger society probably there are more „sensible” people than the average. Writers, poets, artists, researchers, people sentenced to „self-expression” – out of whom some may organize their lives around their critical sensibility. Another senible point of the blog-service, that there are lot of young people with yet immature personality. To approach these people with simple intelligence or with the rough power of the capital already foreshadows some conflicts.

A simple business relation begins between the blogger and the supplier, when a blogger settles down in the community space. The blogger gets the storage pool and the possibility for the community relationships, while the service can hope the increase of the business opportunity (for example: income from advertisements) from the growing number of clicks. The appearance of well-known people of the other segment of the social and public life as consumers is advantageous especially to the service, because consequently it attracts more attention and intrest. At that point an extra value comes into being on the side of the service which the supplier is grateful for, and tries to repay for it in some way. It can move in a wild range from giving money to a special attention, to advertising on the front page and on outside space.


The settled blogger, optimally, originates a runned blog with several months work, which is connected to the world wild net by many threads. We can reach it through many links, links start from it, so practically this is the net which serves the essence of the blog. Therefore after a while the renowned blogger will be almost a captive of the service.

The situation is not as simple as one might think (as for example in the case of a quite simple, less popular, low-read blog). The blogger can not just simply leave the supplier if he is not satisfied or the other way around.
I note, what is a serious damage for the blogger with big connections for short term, that is to turn inside out in long term: the bigger deficit would strike the disreputable service because it can not guarantee the blog-security.

The communal blogging, the web 2.0 is in its childhood in Hungary. So nor the suppliers, nor the bloggers, nor the analyst who observes the „blog-world” have too much experience.
The internet-penetration has just started to reach a point, from which on the blog-world starts to be intresting both for the capital, the media, and the consumer.

The happily stuffed spaces already produce some intresting contradictions. The undevelopedness of the Hungarian capitalism and neoculture are reflected in the fact that one of the T-Online’s leaders loudly declared, that 95 percent of the bloggers write stupid things, and after a few weeks his company established partnership with one of the blog services. From a moral view it is a weird message: speak disparagingly of the client, but live on them well. Of course this does not annoy anybody, we can only hear some murmuring. Do not be surprised, these are normal over here.

And because this mentality gets free way, at this point of improvement, without experiences there is not any social resistence, so it is obvious, that the leaders of the situation can afford anything.

We can have a special experience: while the media should have strong responsibility to control this process democratically, instead of controlling they let such nets (based on friendship) appear on the scene, to be more precise: in the media, which potentially have the opportunity to achieve political, economical aims without democratical control.

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